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Daily Archives: January 25, 2017

Remove Backdoor.Andromeda Virus From Windows and Mac OS

Step By Step Remove Backdoor.Andromeda Trojan Virus From past few days, my computer web browser has been hacked by Backdoor.Andromeda virus. In my computer screen, it displays many irritating Pop-up advertisements, warnings and notification from last few days. I try to delete this nasty program from

Remove PUA.MaxPerforma Virus From Windows and Mac OS

What is PUA.MaxPerforma And how To Remove PUA.MaxPerforma  PUA.MaxPerforma is an Trojan program and it usually used to display lots of unusual pop-up advertisements that are classified as PUP (potentially unwanted program). This type of Trojan program is created by Black Hats Hacker (a person who does

Remove PUA.UniversalDrive Virus From Windows and Mac OS

What is PUA.UniversalDrive And How To Remove PUA.UniversalDrive Virus From last few days, my system is not working properly and the performance of my system is degrading day by day. I scanned my computer with my free anti-virus tool and then it found PUA.UniversalDrive but my system