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Daily Archives: February 11, 2017

tech scam makes you fool

Remove Popup Fake Alerts

Help me, please!! Some errors are coming in the procedure to remove on my PC. Pop up ads by is displayed all over in my computer web browser. These ads have generated a chaos on my PC and also I am facing

protect your computer ransomware

Remove Aw3s0m3Sc0t7 Ransomware Virus And Recover All Encrypted Files

Aw3s0m3Sc0t7 Ransomware is a ransom-type virus that silently comes in your computer and encodes many files. During encoding, Aw3s0m3Sc0t7 Ransomware renames encrypted files using the “[original_file_name] [3_random_characters.x]” pattern (for example, “sample.jpg” is renamed to “sample.jpgG3e.x“).  Some latest type of this ransomware uses this method of

Remove .wcry extension Virus And Recover All Encrypted Files

.wcry extension is ransomware threat which was founded by cyber crooks and once it gets installed on user’s PC, it will encode files by using encryption algorithms. During encoding, this virus renames encrypted files by using “[original_file_name].id-[victim’s ID] _steaveiwalker@india.com_” pattern. For example, “sample.jpg” might be