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Proven Tricks To Remove .dharma files virus For Free [Free Tool]

.dharma files virus is very dangerous for you to treat like a virus. Sometimes if you find that your computer runs very slow for no reason. In this case, you should check your PC, which is infected with adware such as .dharma files virus.In this article, you will get step by step guide to removing .dharma files virus

You will also find lots of ads displayed, and freeware will soon come upon the stage. .dharma files virus will not directly charge you with money and also no one will so fool to pay for the trash ads and freeware. In fact, these ads are always fake and set you up a big trap. When it comes by adware, it never attached your PC directly. .dharma files virus will damage your computer by what it brings to you. .dharma files virus play as browsers plug-ins, banners, extension, and add-ons on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Microsoft Edge. None of the browsers could far be protected your PC from being infected by .dharma files virus. It also opens backdoor access for other malicious programs such as PC Accelerate Pro, Dnsapi.dll, 866-523-6556 Pop-Ups

The main effect happens by .dharma files virus is the flooding of ads. These ads normally contain links to dangerous sites or the downloading file of freeware. It can detect your personal information like bank account information and password. A trouble made by .dharma files virus is that it alters your browser settings, modifies DNS configuration and installs a malicious browser extension to generate annoying pop-ups. To free computer from danger, .dharma files virus should be removed out from a computer as fast as possible.

You will find below 2 (Two) best methods to eliminate .dharma files virus that are tested on every windows and Mac OS versions. The manual method is not recommended if you have less knowledge of an operating system. Automatically is for either who have knowledge of the operating system or not because there are plenty of ways from the virus can attack and if you go with the automatic method, it will remove all viruses as well as protect your computer in future too. Additionally, a well reputable anti-malware program will clean junk files time to time and improve system performance so you will be always cool while using the system. I used the word “cool” because I completely know how it feels to using the slow system and internet connection.

Guidelines To Kill .dharma files virus From Win OS

Guidelines To Kill .dharma files virus From Mac OS

Step By Step Eliminate .dharma files virus From Win OS

Action 1. Automatically Remove .dharma files virus and Improve The System Performance

Step 2. Manually Uninstall/Remove .dharma files virus  From Windows OS

Step 3. Manually Reset Your Web browsers And Exclude Extensions

1. Automatically Remove .dharma files virus With SpyHunter

SpyHunter protects your Win OS from several threats including Spyware, Ransomware, Browser Hijackers, Trojan horse, suspicious websites and others. It will find all viruses with one click and kill all issues have been found. SpyHunter scans the entire system and eliminates the junk files, maximize your hard disk space and improve the system performance. All you need to do is install this powerful anti-malware tool on your computer to perform complete scanning.

Process 1.  Download SpyHunter for free from its official location and install. Don’t forget to select your preferred language.


Process 2.  Press on ” Scan Computer Now ” Button. It will strat perform scanning for .dharma files virus as well as other malicious programs.


Process 3.  Once the scanning process is complete, Press ” Fix Threats ” Button.


After that, your will computer will be virus free as well as other malicious programs like Rogueware, Ransomware, Adware, Trojan, Browse Hijackers, PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) and other malicious viruses.

If still, .dharma files virus appears on your PC, then you can ask SpyHunter’s support person to remove this from your computer by custom ways. The customer support feature has made it the most downloaded software in this field. So it’s whole win-win situation because this tool also provides 30 days money back guaranteed.

2. Manually Uninstall .dharma files virus  From Win OS

In this section, I’ll Show you “how to uninstall a program” from Microsoft Windows 10,  8, 7, Vista and XP operating systems.

Windows 8 or Windows 10

For Windows 10, Windows 8,  Windows 8.1 :
  • Press ” Win + R “. Type the name of a program ” control panel ” and Windows will open it for you.
  • Click on ” program a uninstall “
  • Find the doubtful program from the list and click on ” Uninstall ” button. After that confirm the uninstalling by pressing ” Yes ” button. See image below for pictorial example. Eliminating strange applications may also help solve the issue.




In this section, we have tried to identify and remove .dharma files virus or other installed malicious applications that might be infection your PC. If you don’t see any unwanted programs in your control panel, then you should download the Anti-malware SpyHunter or Malwarebytes.

Windows 7

For Windows 7:

Left-Click the “ Start ” button and “ Control Panel ” then click “ Programs ” to uninstall programs. Then, at last, select the unfamiliar program and click “ Uninstall”

You can see below pictorial examples to perform the uninstallation process. Refer the graphical example.



In this section, we have tried to identify and eliminate .dharma files virus or other installed malicious applications that might be infection your PC. If you don’t see any unwanted programs in your control panel, then you should download the Anti-malware SpyHunter or Malwarebytes.

Windows Vista or Windows XP

For Windows XP:

For Windows XP, the simple way to open the Control Panel is through few mouse clicks. In fact, this also works for other versions like Win 7, Vista, 8 and 10.

Press Left Click on “ Start ” button > “ Control Panel > “ Programs ” to uninstall programs. Then at last click “ Uninstall ”. Follow the image examples that will guide better.




In this section, we have tried to identify and eliminate .dharma files virus or other installed malicious applications that might be infection your PC. If you don’t see any unwanted programs in your control panel, then you should download the Anti-malware SpyHunter or MalwareBytes.

3. Manually Reset Your Web Browsers And Exclude Extensions

Often it requires resetting your web browsers after uninstalling .dharma files virus or other unwanted programs. Please follow steps according to your web browser.

Reset Google Chrome

Infographic to Reset Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most downloaded web browser in the world, but id does not mean it is 100% secure. It often crashes, freezes, and go slow. Hackers can also steal your sensitive data from browser history and cookies. That’s why it’s recommended to reset the web browser at least in a month. Follow the step by step infographic that will help you to reset you Google Chrome Browser.

  1. Click on menu button right corner on Chrome browser or visit directly from address bar ” chrome://settings “.
  2. Click on “ Settings ” once it open scroll down your mouse to find “Show advanced settings...” option.
  3. Press “ Reset settings ” for removing unwanted settings from your Google Chrome.


Remove Unwanted Extensions/Apps from your Google Chrome

There are guidelines to remove several unneeded extensions/plugins from your Google Chrome to get rid of .dharma files virus from your system.

The browser extension is that improve the functionality of the web browser which is the most common way to infect your web browser. You can find infographic guidelines below to remove the unwanted tools from your web browser.

  1. Click on menu button right corner on Chrome browser —-  More Tools —- Extensions or visit directly from address bar ” chrome://extensions “.
  2. Disable the strange extensions and delete from your Chrome browser. For clear understanding follow the infographic.


If you have reset the Google Chrome and still not fixed, then there is a chance that your core files have been modified. In this case, I suggest to you using SpyHunter that is most downloaded software in the anti-malware field. It also provides you help support and custom solution.

Reset Mozilla Firefox

Guidelines To Reset Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one the most popular fastest web browser and cause of malicious extension/plugins and domains it gets nasty. You can fix this by resetting your Mozilla Firefox to its default settings. This guide will restore all settings as well as temporary data, cookies data.

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox.
  • Click on ” menu “
  • Select ” Troubleshooting Information”.
  • Press “ Reset Firefox ” to the top right corner of the window.
  • A small window will open press“ Reset Mozilla Firefox ” again.

Follow the visual guidelines for better understanding.



Reset MS Edge

Steps To Reset Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is newly launched web browser by Microsoft. It is the most modern web browser, but it does not mean it doesn’t get hacked or infect with third party extensions. You can reset your Microsoft Edge by following the step by step infographic.

  1. To open the ” Internet Properties window ” Press, ” Windows + R “ key then type
    inetcpl.cpl ” and press ” OK “.


  1. An ” Internet Properties window ” will open, then click on the ” Advanced ” tab. Follow the infographic now



Reset IE

Steps To Reset Internet Explorer

There is an option to reset your Internet Explorer or delete the cache files that might contain the malicious files. I have mentioned below step by step infographic guidelines to reset your Internet Explorer.

  1. Click on setting menu on the right corner of your IE browser, then click on the Internet Option.
  2. Choose  Advanced ” tab and press ” Reset ” button.
  3. Check ” Delete Personal Settings ” and press ” Reset ” Button again.



End Background Running Process

End the background process of malicious programs and delete the files from the C: drive. If you uninstall the malicious application sometimes it still runs in a background so you also need to end the background process and remove the files from the system drive. Please follow the infographic that will assist you.

end-background-process to remove .dharma files virus

Get Rid Of  .dharma files virus From Mac OS

Step 1. Remove .dharma files virus and Reset Settings From Mac OS: Automatically

Step 2.  Force Quit .dharma files virus/Strange Applications

Step 3. Uninstall .dharma files virus From Win OS: Manually

Step 4. Reset Your Safari Web browsers

Step 5. Delete Malicious Files From Library

Step 1. Remove .dharma files virus and Reset Settings From Mac OS: Automatically

To remove .dharma files virus from your Mac device, you should believe on best Mac OS defender – Mackeeper. This powerful malware removal software will remove all threats from your Mac with its powerful scanning algorithm. It also provides the best professional team to help you to get rid of .dharma files virus.

Step 1. Click on “ Download ” button to get MacKeeper Now.

download-mackeepr to remove .dharma files virus

Step 2. Click on “ MacKeeper.dmg ” to install MacKeeper. Follow the installation guide.

install-mackeeper now

Step 3. Open “ SystemStatus ” tab on your Mac and run complete scanning to remove .dharma files virus.  After that, click “ Fix items safely ” button.


Step 4. MacKeeper Support

Mackeeper is one of the most popular antimalware programs to protect Mac OS. If you need any technical assistance while removing .dharma files virus, a certified technician is ready to help you to resolve your issues.

Step 2.  Force Quit .dharma files virus/Strange Applications

Process A:  Open Force Quit Application Window

press-key-command-plus-esc-plus-option- to launch a window

Process B: Find,  Select and  Remove

force-quit-applicatios- to remove .dharma files virus

Step 3. Uninstall .dharma files virus From Win OS: Manually

Open Application Window screen and remove that application which you doubt. Follow the infographic steps to eliminate applications from your Mac OS.

uninstall-application-on-mac-to-remove-.dharma files virus

Step 4. Reset Your Safari Web browsers

Resetting Safari browser is pretty simple. Launch the browser, go to on ” Safari ” menu and click on ” Reset Safari ” sub menu. For better understanding, please follow the pictorial example.

reset-safari-web-browser-on-mac- to remove .dharma files virus

Step 5. Delete Malicious Files From Library

Command + Shift + G ” and type in ” ~/Library “.

remove-malicious-files-from-library-to-remove-.dharma files virus

Now your computer will be complete virus free. If stills you get the issues, I suggest you download MacKeeper that remove all your computer virus within few minutes. MacKeeper also provides customer support that removes viruses with the custom solution. It’s also win-win situation because you will get 30 days money back guarantee.  download-mackeepr-now-to-remove-.dharma files virus